The Buddha and His Enemy

Very interesting story!

There's No Way But Up


Devadatta attempts to assassinate the Buddha

The following is my comments after watching the video of Prof. Donald S Lopez explaining about Devadatta in Tsem Rinpoche’s blog:-

In this video, Professor Donald S Lopez tells a clear and vivid story of the Buddha and his infamous nemesis, Devadatta from the Dhammapada Sutta – a collected sayings of the Buddha. I found it amazing that someone so close to the Buddha could still be so hateful of him. Perhaps, the wrong views and negative karma was so strong that Devadatta felt compelled to act in ways that earned his position as one of the most heinous person in all of Buddhism.

In his lecture, Prof Donald explains how Devadatta attempted to assassinate the Buddha and what I found interesting was the fact that he only came to show his true colors when the Buddha turned 72. In front of an…

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